Sunday, April 26, 2009

Caution - Crazy Woman Spring Cleaning!!!

I decided to do some spring cleaning of my blog this morning as it was getting quite cluttered (like my studio). I removed all the spring wreaths and placed what was left in my Etsy store (link is in right column) but not much was left. I am in Wedding mode now as I am doing several weddings in May/June. I also uploaded wedding flowers there that are for sale along with lost of personalizable items. If you haven't checked out my etsy store please do so and if you like me mark as a favorite. Are you a handcrafter? It is a great place to meet and sell the items you make. You can also catch me locally at the farmer's market on Scottsville Road. As soon as Mother's Day is over I have to get busy for my big fall shows which kick off in OH in Mid August. I actually sold my first sunflower wreath of the season yesterday at the farmer's market!!! I took it just to have something else on hand and it was one of the first sold! If there is any clutter you bookmarked and want to see again just holler at me.

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