Thursday, April 23, 2009

Memorial Day Flowers - Grapevine Angels

Losing a loved one is like losing a piece of yourself. They helped in some way to make us who we are today. Memorial Day is a time to honor those that we cherished. Many people choose to do that through floral tributes. I made traditional saddles and standing wreaths but something I created last year to honor them is my grapevine angels. These 22" grapevine angels have a full wing span of 16-18". They are fully made of grapevine and pip berries. Each clutches a bouquet of your choice of flowers/colors in her arms. She also has a laminated copy of a poem about the loved one tied into her houquet. A second copy is provided to you for a keepsake. She fits directly over the vases at the cemetery or can be placed either on the ground or on the headstone. I provide two stakes to help secure her if you want to wire her down. Here are some I made for people last year. Email me at for a list of poems. Each angel is $25 plus shipping. I only ship in the US. If wanting for memorial day please order at least two weeks before hand. You may also purchase angels through my etsy store. Link is in the right column of blog.

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