Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dustin is at JROTC Camp

I can't believe my youngest is old enough to go to JROTC camp. He is now 16!!!!! Can you hear me crying? Here is a picture I took of him in his uniform the day he left. He has called twice to let me know they are yelling alot, eating very little (soon as they sit down to eat they yell at them to get up). I told him it sounded like basic training lol. Please say a little prayer for his and his friend's safety as they are doing rapelling, climbing, canoeing, etc.


Stitch 'N Love said...

My step son will be starting his second year in JROTC and is 16 also! Good luck! How long will be be there? Sounds daunting. lol

Wreath Artist said...

It is 5 days. His dad and both were in the Army. His dad still is so I guess that is where he got his interest in military.