Thursday, May 28, 2009

Father's Day Giveaway

Father's Day is approaching soon. I have always been daddy's "little girl". 14 years ago we nearly lost him to a massive heartattack. It took three shocks with the paddles to bring him back. He lay in CCU for 5 days in a coma with little chance for a normal recovery. It had been 7-9 minutes between the 911 phonecall and the restoration of a heartbeat. Brain damage seemed to almost be a guarantee. Those were 5 of the hardest days of my life. It was also the first time I was away from my youngest son because I stayed at the hospital night and day. We had just moved back to KY after I got out of the military and I was going to college. I had a wonderful teacher and several classmates that brought my work, notes to the hospital. The night of the fourth day in CCU there was a wonderful nurse named Scott on (same name as my son). At about midnight he came and woke me up and asked me to come see my dad he wanted to try something. He had just come on an hour before and when taking dad's vitals he thought dad expressed pain and moved. He had me walk into the room and start talking while moving around the room. Dad would arch his body and try and turn to follow my voice as I walked around the room. He never opened his eyes but his body followed me. That is when we realized he was becoming alert. Within 24 hours he was fully awake. He had some short term memory problems for awhile but overcame those. Two weeks later he left the hospital trying to decide if he should have the triple bypass. They hadn't done it because there seemed to be no hope at the time and he was too weak. The boys and I talked him into it and he had it. 15 years and a round with colon cancer, infection and diabetes and he is still here and my rock. No matter where in the world I was stationed dad would always come running to see us. Last week he finally got to meet his granddaughter (see other blog entry below) and that was a gift I was so happy to give him. He never thought he would have all three grandkids together. So he will tell you he has been given the best gifts of all....the love and memories of family and friends.

In his honor I am going to do TWO giveaways - You choose your prize.
Prize #1 - If your dad or spouse is military or veteran, you might want one of my military/veteran tribute plaques below.
Prize #2 - A ceramic plaque with my copyrighted poem "The Best Dad". I had written this in honor of my own dad a few years ago.

To enter you need to leave me a comment below telling me why your dad is special to you. Also you need to tell me which you want, just type "military" or "dad" below your post. I will give one of each away so TWO winners. This will stay open until June 7th at 8pm CST. At that time I will draw and email the winner. That should give me time to get your prize in the mail and you get for Father's Day.


WowBaby said...

My dad is special to me because he hasn't always been my dad. I lost my father when I was 12 and it was devestating of course. I still miss him to this day (well today was the day we buried him 21 years ago so I am thinking of him alot today) My mom waited a while before she started dateing again, but eventually she did and she brought my step dad into my life. This man never tried to replace my father (as he knew he couldn't ever take that spot) but he did everything he could... even through the dreaded teenage years!
Now as a much older adult I have found a special bond with him that can't be broken. I love him just as much as I do my real father... he has never let me down, and he has been better to me and my mom than anyone could ever ask. I know he is the man we were supposed to end up with, and he taught me how you are supposed to love and be loved. A kinder more gentle man you could never find. I know he won't be reading this, but I really hope he knows how much I love him.
I could go on forever about this man my father, but I am afraid I would take up your whole blog. He would love your regular poem.
Thank you for letting us really think about and express how much we love these men that so shape our lives!

moonlitdesires 2 aol dot com

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Oh Lynne that is such a touching story...I am so happy you still have your Dad.
Mine was a veteran and passed away nine years ago.
Your plaques are just beautiful.


Jeanne Selep said...

Both your post and wowbaby's response impacted me. Miracles do happen, and I am glad you experienced one.