Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have a niece!!!!!

21 years ago my sister put a baby girl up for adoption. It was a hard decision for all involved but in the best interests of the baby. Flash forward 21 years to Dec. 15th 2008, which happened to be my parents 57th wedding anniversary. I got a call at work that she was looking for us. We made contact and have writted and talked since then. When my oldest son, Scott, was laid off from work back in March I gave him a plane ticket to go meet his cousin, Haley. Today her and her boyfriend made the journey here to meet us for the first time. It has been an emotional day for all but so wonderful to finally be able to hug her. Here are Haley, my boys and me after dinner tonight. I see some similarities between her and the boys. We stood outside comparing features (hands, ankles, wrists, eyes, ears) lol. She has a wonderful family back in Alabama that have raised a sweet, smart and AWESOME daughter. I am just so happy to finally know her.


Terri said...

OMGosh! What a great story! So happy you got to meet her! Terri

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Love this Lynne...I am happy for all of you.


Jeanne Selep said...

What an inspirational story. It's wonderful to hear about the adoption option working so well. heartache can have wonderful endings.