Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 2 - of empty nest

Well the last one I have at home has flown the nest for two weeks to a camp. Got off work last night and decided to treat myself to something to eat. It is just so quiet at home. Funny how I couldn't wait to have some quiet and now the quiet is too loud, lol. He seems to be having the same problem at camp. They changed dorms and the rooms are bigger. His roommate didn't show up for camp so he has the whole room to himself. First day he was excited about that. But last night he was begging me to drive over and bring him a tv/game or computer. He said it was too quiet in his room. LOL...hmmm I know that sound. I have to run to walmart and get him a pair of tennis shoes and mail to him this morning. His tennis shoes tore up ysterday and he only has sandels with him. His other buddy that was supposed to go with him to camp didn't so he isn't sounding as happy this time. Other thing is he said two of the pieces they are playing this time he had already played before in actual band this year at school for their final concert. Have feeling he won't be as anxious to go next year. None of friends from last year are there. But he makes friends easily so hopefully when he calls tonight he will be in better spirits. What did we do without sending cellphones to camp with kids before???? Anyway....very quiet at my house. Dog is depressed too. As soon as she sees the suitcases come out of the closet she starts getting depressed. Dustin went to JROTC camp a couple of weeks ago and at day 4 she finally decided she needed a replacement Dustin. She went a got a stuffed bunny of the shelf in my work room and took it to her bed and just guarded it lovingly. When he came home that next evening she was so happy. Next day she chewed the eyes, ears and limbs off the bunny....her Dustin was back, lol, she didn't need the bunny anymore!

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