Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hand held fans

I remember being a little girl and sitting in church with mom and dad. It would be so hot in the summer time (no aircondition). Mom would take the Sunday Church Bulletin and fold it back and forth, pleating it into a fan. Then she would hand it to me so I could fan us both. Then flash forward a few years to Gerald Ford running for office. They passed out fans all over town that were ads for him. They had "fancy" wood handles. I remember seeing several that people had "altered" to be ads against him just so they got the fans, lol. Now days I make fans, mainly for summer weddings. But after corporate took control of our air conditioners at work we were about to pass out. It would hit 85 in there and for a bunch of middle age women that may as well be 100 degrees. So I made some for a few of the gals, then made these for the Farmer's Market to sell. Well I am headed to work. It is my really, really long day. Which fan should I take with me? Have a great, COOL DAY.

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