Friday, June 12, 2009

Stupid Pet Owners

It is that time of year again when we get to see how stupid some people really are. I was at walmart this afternoon, upper 80's and sunny. Saw yet another dog locked into a car sitting in the parking lot, window barely cracked, engine off. Dog was panting like crazy. Seems to almost always be small dogs in newer model cars or SUV's. Most too small to reach that small bit of fresh air. Walmart will no longer page for owners, it discourages shopping I guess. So I called for a police officer with the vehicle description, license plate #. They sent an office right out and the officer opened the car door and retreived the animal. Took him back to his car and left a note for the owner. If the door hadn't been unlocked he wouldn't have been able to do anything he said but wait. That is so wrong. You must really be stupid to think that an animal will be ok in a hot car. Could you handle it for 15-20 minutes under the same circumstances? least you can sweat and don't have fur. I am on my soapbox I know but it is that time of the year. So I got home and dug through my old files and pulled out the postcards I used to do and leave on the cars. Check them out. I challenge you to the following if you see an animal closed up in a car:

1. Call the police department right away and give the description, location and vehicle #. Do not approach the owner yourself as you know they are already crazy.

2. Check with the store and see if they will page the owner of the car.

3. Place a note or postcard like the one shown on the driver's side window under the wipers.

4. Check to see what local ordiance and police say about opening the door (if unlocked).

Create your own cards or if you would like a set of 10 email me. I will be making a donation for each set to the local humane society as well as giving sets to their workers. I designed these to be hateful and offensive to the owner because nothing else short of a dead animal seems to get their attention.


DeeDee said...

I so agree with you...this to me is total your little cards...

CupcakeClaudia said...

I never really get it, how can people be so incredibly irresponsible with their pets! They have absolutely no regars to their wellbeing. Shame on them!