Thursday, June 11, 2009

Was that thunder or a bass drum????

Dustin, my 16 year old is playing in our community band. The first concert was tonight at the amphitheater here. It had been stormy most of last night and again today. We weren't sure if the concert would be held but went. They set up and about 5 minutes before the concert started dad called to tell me they were getting high winds at his house. I told him to keep me updated. Concert started and I noticed a voice mail on phone. I couldn't hear it. I kept looking back over the hill at the clouds. During a lull in the music I could have sworn I heard the cows (community outdoor warning system - tornado siren). My neighbor was sitting next to me and I elbowed her and said I think I hear the cows going off. She started listening and my phone lit up again. I walked over away from the crowd to answer and it was dad telling me a tornado warning had been issued. I walked quickly back over and said tornado warning, grabbed my chair, people were staring and started across the foot bridge, neighbor and her friend right behind me. I walked up to the guy running the sound system and told him what was going on. At that point I looked back and people were getting up and several had phones. Trail was forming coming across the bridge with people that realized something was up. The guy I told went up to the announcer and told him. At the end of the song he got the conductor's attention and announced that concert was over. At that point others could here the cows so they all knew. I told them to put me to work and helped load up the stands and chairs while watching the skies. Saw a couple of what appeared to be funnel clouds in the distance dipping and going back up. Sky was wild. We loaded up and headed home and the wind hit about the time we were trying to exit the park. I had a large mc'ds coke that was full. It fell over and dustin grabbed it. I said hand it to me as there is a trashcan at the exit. Rolled window down and went to pitch it. Mother Nature pitched it right back into me! It flew back and hit the edge of window and soaked me and the inside of the van. Boy do I have a mess to clean up tomorrow in the van. But we made it home. Mom called and they were at the High School for a meeting/concert/magic show. They had locked them all in and wouldn't allow anyone to leave. Waiting to hear about damages now. What an evening.

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