Thursday, January 28, 2010

The sky is falling and it looks like snow!!!!

Well sort of or at least will. In this area of KY we rarely get snow over an 1" or so. Well Mother Nature is sending us one of those gifts of SNOW. They are calling for 8" here. Yipee, Yipee...dig out the gloves, we might actually be able to make a snowball with this. As long as I have power this weekend I will be posting pictures and thoughts on this rare event. The last snowfall like this was in 1996 and we were actually in FL on spring break. So we didn't get to see it until the end when it was ugly, dirty gray, not the beautiful painting of fresh snowfall. Years ago I was stationed at Fort Carson, CO. I loved waking up in the morning and seeing Pikes Peak painted with snow. The sky was so blue and then the snow covered mountains were there beckoning you to come play. One Labor Day weekend it snowed on Pikes Peak and then the next day was their Hot Air Balloon Festival. The colors of the hot air balloons, the blue sky and white mountains are forever painted in my memory.