Saturday, May 8, 2010

We went down and worked yesterday and will go again today and tomorrow. Right now I have the medals from WWII (my uncles) laid out and drying in my garage. I am trying to dry them then will figure out what I can spray on them to clean them (please let me know if you know). The water was filled with sewage, dead fish, etc, so everything stinks. We are trying to save somethings that a personal pieces of family history. I found a recipe box in a top cabinet, when I cracked it open, I lost it - my grandmother's handwriting was on the cards and scraps of paper. If that had been tossed......... furniture is stuff, but that is memories and treasures. more story and a few photos in the blog. We arent comfortable taking photos of the debris lining the streets. But there are a few photos below. The field you see is a soccer field that is between the house and the river. If you look at it you will see a brown line in the trees on the far side of the field. That is the river and where it went. My son is standing by a street sign and you can see the brown line on it. Everything is defined by brown lines.

IF YOU ARE AN ETSY CUSTOMER - I will be working in my studio this evening and tomorrow evening when I get back. Your wedding is not forgotten. Thank you.

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