Friday, July 30, 2010

Busy Friday - Unity Candle Sets July 30, 2010

Got these done this morning. Going to try and get as many done as I can today and Sunday. I work tomorrow. We are going to University of Alabama next weekend to see my beautiful niece, Haley, graduate.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unity Candles - week of July 19th

Winners and an apology.

I was a couple of days late doing the drawing and then posted the names. But must have gotten called away from the computer before hitting PUBLISH. Sorry about that. The winners are:

Meghan - free unity candle from my store, includes US shipping
BlushingBridetoBe - free US shipping on any unity candle in the store
Gina - free US shipping on any unity candle in the store

Please contact me in reference to your prize. If you already ordered then the prize will be credited to your account. I will also try and figure out how to contact you through here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The best made plans

I was supposed to have had the last few days off and hoped to be able to ship lots of my orders early since I could work. I did get alot done Sunday and Monday. But I made the mistake of answering my phone yesterday morning when I was still sleeping. I got called into work as my coworker had gotten hurt. Today we went to Nashville. For those that read my blog you will know that in early May we had devestating floods in this area. My elderly aunt and uncle barely got out alive and lost most of the contents of their house (photos in blog old listings). We got word yesterday that the repairs to the house were aproaching completion and they would get to move back in. So we went down today to drive her to get basics (shower curtains, draperies, pots/pans, etc for their home. They had been staying in an assisted living apartment until they could get back in. It was wonderful to see her happy and actually hear my uncle talk (he is blind and had a stroke). Imagine being in your 80's, bad health and having to leave your home and all possessions behind to get out with your lives. They were lucky they did. So now we begin the process of getting them moved back in. Walking through the house today I was amazed at the progress. Actually the progress of recovery of that whole area was amazing as we had seen it at its worst. The motto of recovery has been Nashville Rising! And it is true, from the muck, mud and tears, hope and recovery has risen. There is a very long road to travel but now you can see the road. Thank you to all that have prayed for my family during this.

All orders will be shipped on time and I hope to get to the point soon where I am shipping early again. For that reason I haven't been listing anything new in my etsy store for the last few days. My customers have been wonderful about spreading the word for me and business has been great.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Unity Candle Set - Marathon

I am off from my day job for the next few days. So my goal is to get 60 candles finished in the next 3 days. Here are the first 10 sets

Here are the second 10 sets - 40 to go!

Last 4 for tonight. It is storming and I need to head to bed. Watch tomorrow for more!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Wow, what a year. I am ready to celebrate. How would you like a free Unity Candle Set? How would you like free shipping on a candle set? From now through July 15th I will be hosting a drawing for three prizes - 1 FREE Unity Candle Set - 2 drawings for free shipping on a Unity Candle Set. To enter do the following:

1. Browse the photos of candles taken over the last year. Choose your favorite and send a comment (on my blog, not on etsy, link is right below this post) that includes the link to the candle, the couples names on that candle. That will be one entry.

2. For a bonus entry (up to two bonus enteries) post the link to my blog on your favorite wedding forum or in your own blog. Send me the link to it in a comment below. You can do it two times.

On July 15, 2010 at roughly 10pm CST I will take all the enteries and do a random number drawing for three winners. First one gets the free unity candle set (if you already ordered I will refund through Paypal) and the next do get free shipping on the set of their choice from my etsy store ($8.50 value). I reserve the right to ADD MORE PRIZES based on the number of enteries. So the more than entered, the more prizes!!!!

When you submit your comment you won't see it right away. I have to approve it. Another etsy candle chic was posting nasty comments :( (wish I could make those smiley eyes green) so I have to approve it. Thanks so much for a wonderful year!!!!