Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Wow, what a year. I am ready to celebrate. How would you like a free Unity Candle Set? How would you like free shipping on a candle set? From now through July 15th I will be hosting a drawing for three prizes - 1 FREE Unity Candle Set - 2 drawings for free shipping on a Unity Candle Set. To enter do the following:

1. Browse the photos of candles taken over the last year. Choose your favorite and send a comment (on my blog, not on etsy, link is right below this post) that includes the link to the candle, the couples names on that candle. That will be one entry.

2. For a bonus entry (up to two bonus enteries) post the link to my blog on your favorite wedding forum or in your own blog. Send me the link to it in a comment below. You can do it two times.

On July 15, 2010 at roughly 10pm CST I will take all the enteries and do a random number drawing for three winners. First one gets the free unity candle set (if you already ordered I will refund through Paypal) and the next do get free shipping on the set of their choice from my etsy store ($8.50 value). I reserve the right to ADD MORE PRIZES based on the number of enteries. So the more than entered, the more prizes!!!!

When you submit your comment you won't see it right away. I have to approve it. Another etsy candle chic was posting nasty comments :( (wish I could make those smiley eyes green) so I have to approve it. Thanks so much for a wonderful year!!!!


Meghan said...

So excited about this giveaway!! :D

Love the candle in this picture (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_52Z8PaYbNtQ/TBPLdo1l-vI/AAAAAAAAAXI/ap083bwECOw/s1600/DSCF3635+%282%29.jpg) for Rikita and Owen's August 6th wedding!

The only thing I would change would be to put a script letter in the center (the font the names are in) and change the ribbon colors to my wedding colors (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_52Z8PaYbNtQ/TCA0dlP7ZuI/AAAAAAAAAYQ/cEiVOsZgeFs/s1600/DSCF3648+%282%29.jpg <--- the purple and silver here look great!). But love this candle! :)

Meghan said...

Posted your blog and Etsy shop links on one of my local boards :)


Meghan said...

Posted on my other local board now too :)


Fingers crossed! Love your work! So beautiful!

Gina said...

I was looking for a unity candle on etsy when I realized I kept clicking on your designs! So I decided to check out your blog and saw all of your beautiful work... and this great giveaway.

I had a tough time deciding on my fav, it was either the one with the tree (because my fiance was raised on a farm) or this one made for Janelle and Tom.

I love the font and the graphic goes really well with our wedding. Hope you pic me!

Blushing Bride-to-Bee said...

My fav is definitely this one...


Damon and Michelle's - I think I'm especially drawn to it because those are my wedding colors! This is my first marriage, but I just love how the candle incorporates the whole family. That is so special!

And (fingers crossed) if I win anything, you can contact me through Etsy. My username is Treetop27.

Blushing Bride-to-Bee said...

I reposted on my blog!


Blushing Bride-to-Bee said...

Wrote a post on weddingbee.com too - http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/awsome-unity-candles?replies=1

Aletheia said...


I love the bling, and I LOVE the purple lol... and congrats to Sherry and Brian hehe.

Meghan said...

Do we have any winners yet?? :D