Sunday, November 21, 2010

Deco Mesh Wreaths and Decorations for Christmas


I took advantage of the 70 degree weather we had today. It was overcast and really windy but warm. Playing with the mesh in the wind was really difficult but I think it was worth it. It isn't dark yet so I can't take pics of it lit up but the mesh is on the mailbox along with berries, pinecones and white mums. I am a Christmas baby and absolutely HATE poinsettas with a passion. Growing up I never had a birthday cake that didn't say Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday. It always had poinsettas on it. No pink Barbie cake for me :( when that is what I dreamed of as a little girl. So I always go with something different now that I am a "big girl". I took a styrofoam sheet and attached to my mail box with weatherproof tape. Then pinned big loops of mesh on it. Filled in with pinecones, berries and mums.

When I got that done I took on the task of the porch. I need to paint but wasn't going to waste a lovely day doing it. First I hung the green garland and then attached the light to it. After I got that done I went back and gathered the mesh in loops and attached with metallic pipe cleaners. Added mums to it too. The candle lamp I got at Hobby Lobby. Took it and added holly garland, mums and a big mesh bow. The light you see in it is an electric light I use in crafting. I attached it with floral clay instead of adding a candle. The bench isn't finished. I have a large bow on it but will be adding a few packages. Tip - if you want to do packages for outside cover the boxes with the colored cheap plastic tableclothes from Dollar Tree INSTEAD of wrapping paper. Will be finishing those with mesh bows. Also not finished is the tree in front yard. I am making angels from the mesh and will mount several of them on the tree trunk at different angles. But this is what I got done today. Enjoy!