Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Deco Mesh Mail Box Wreath

Just quickly did this tonight. It isn't complete as I couldn't find the rest of my flowers in all the boxes in the studio. I need to learn to label, lol.

Supplies - one roll of deco mesh 21" wide in your choice of color
- scarecrow from the Dollar store (this one was $5 and I broke most of the stick off the back so he could sit not stand)
- flowers, fruit, filler
- floral pins (often called greening pins, U pins, S pins, etc)
- clear packing tape
- scissors, wire cutter

Step 1 - Take a piece of styrofoam and use clear packing tape to adhere in to your mail box.

Step 2 - Stick scarecrow into the center of the foam block allowing his legs to dangle off each side of mailbox.

Step 3 - Take deco mesh in your choice of color. Gather one end and get up close and personal with your scarecrow by pinning this in his crotch area on the foam. Use two pins.

Step 4 - Make loops by gathering (not twisting) the decorative mesh and pinning to the block. I went to the left first, around the front, to the right and the around the back. I used about 1/2 a roll of the mesh. There are 10 yards on a roll.

Step 5 - Cut and add flowers of your choice around the block, sticking through the mesh into the foam. Add fruit and other picks as desired.

I have done this for all seasons with different centerpieces (pumpkin, angel, snowman, season metal decor)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mason Jar Light Sets and Putkas

Farmer's Market is starting again for me in September. With that in mind I have been making lampshades for it. I just decided to add a few to my etsy store as well. This is a set - you get the shade of your choice, one cup of my scented Putkas (OrangeBerry, Pumpkin Spice or Cinnamon Vanilla and a battery operated tealight. The shades are hand cut and assembled by me with love. You provide the regular mouth mason jar. Besides the fall ones shown I have snowmen, roosters, santa, apples, florals, friendship, rustic, prim, etc. I also loaded a set of three into my etsy store. A little bit of trivia for you....years ago I used to create a line of 8 shades exclusively for Longaberger Basket Company. Their shades were designed using their artwork and went on their Blue Ribbon Mason Jars. Need shades and have your own fixins and lights? Just let me know and I can do a custom listing for you on etsy for just the shades.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Weddings - Table Numbers and more

I must confess I took a summer vacation from my blog. It has been so busy with weddings that I just needed to take a break. For the benefit of my brides I maintained my facebook page for them on a daily basis. But since brides rarely visit here, just those canvasing for crafting ideas, I didn't blog. But summer is almost over. That means a slow down in the wedding season and a chance to work on fall crafts for my return to the Farmer's Market the first week of September. This is the first time in many years that I won't be working in the retail decor business which means I get to enjoy working on fall/christmas crafts in the season instead of putting things out in May at Hobby Lobby, where I worked. I long for the first cool breath of fall, the first chill of the air, the way Mother Nature dresses herself in Autumn hues, embellished with late blooms of mums. I sleep better, have more energy and more creativity in the fall. What about you? My fall buying trip is in two weeks in OH. Fall is coming!!! My booth at the Farmer's Market will overflow with Grapevine Wreaths, Witches Hats, Banner, Garlands, Pumpkin Poo, Witches Brew and more. But to get it ready I have lots of work to do and wanted to share a few of my favorite wedding orders from the summer.