Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Decorating is almost done

I am trying to get stuff made for farmer's market and at the same time get my house decorated.  LOVE fall!  Here are a few of the things I made for myself.   The grapevine angel makes such a welcoming arrangement.  I do offer those for sell in my ETSY STORE. 

 Took the "witch's is in" wreath to the market and sold it. Had priced it high enough I figured I could keep it. But a gentleman from IN decided he needed it more than I did :). I had bought the wood stocking at a trade show in OH so it was the last one.

One corner of my living room.  My youngest son and I painted the bench in the corner together when he was like eight or nine.  It was a flea market find.  The day we painted it was so cold we could only stay outside for a moment or two at a time.  I cherish that memory. 

Here in Kentucky we stack our pumpkins beside the door. I started making these grapevine witch's hats a few years ago. They are labor intensive but I love the look.  I had to try out pumpkins to find just the right ones.  Kind of like trying on an outfit but the opposite.

 Easy monogram pumpkin wreaths for kid's doors or to place along a driveway, door, etc.  I sell these at the Farmer's Market as well.  Polka dotted ribbon and deco mesh bow finish it off.  These are also easy to ship and they are $11 plus shipping if anyone would like one.  They are also a great teacher's gift.


Trendy Tree - Jeannie Pence said...

Love the grapevine witch hat! Are you going to do a tutorial on the hat? So unique....first one I've seen)))

Wreath Artist said...

I won a Better Homes and Garden Fall Centerpiece with that last year (2010). I did a video tutorial on it locally but they already pulled the tape since it was 2010. I can't hold a camera and make stuff at the same time, lol