Friday, January 6, 2012

Valentine Wreath from Deco Mesh

Took advantage of the 65 degree day which is rare for January in southern Kentucky.  Got my Valentine Wreath made and up on the front door.  Donated the Christmas Wreath and stuff to St. Vincent De Paul's thrift store.

Is this one pink enough?  I decided to give it a new twist.  It is built on a grapevine heart basket with two shades of pink deco mesh spirals.  The basket area is filled with pink dew drop roses, pink and white filler and glittery pink heart picks.  Curly metalic heart ting ting sprays were made by wrapping them around a broom handle, removing and wiring to a floral pick.  Love the wreath and want one like it?  You can order from my etsy store for under $45.

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