Friday, January 20, 2012

Wedding Season 2012 has begun

I love this time of year.  Holiday decorations are packed away as are all the supplies to make them.  Now I can concentrate on my Wedding projects.  I attended my first Bridal show of the season this past weekend with my good friend Terri, Celebrations Off Main in Russellville, KY.  She had her MOJO Photo Booth at the show and I got to help her with it.  Seeing all the new excited brides was wonderful but in a few cases it made me feel old.  Several of the "little girls" I coached years ago in cheerleading/drill team are now getting married.  Where did the time go?  I haven't posted many wedding photos on here lately since the focus has been on seasonal decorating.  But I want to share a few.  These table numbers were shipped last week to a couple that decided they didn't want to use "numbers" but to personalize it with the names of their favorite Bob Marley songs.  The others are photos of things that have all shipped over the last few weeks to brides across the USA, Australia and Canada.  Hopefully this evening I will get the photos of how to make the "Red Neck Wine Glasses" posted as well.  I demo'd those today on our local midday news show.  Follow me on Pinterest, visit my webstore or you can drop me an email or join me on Facebook.

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