Thursday, March 1, 2012

Deco Mesh Easter Mailbox Decor

I have a love/hate relationship with my mailbox. I live in a sharp curve and this really slippery when wet. After losing multiple mailboxes, including the indestructible ones, we put up a pole box. It is just a pole with a box, UGLY!!!! But I have found I can dress it up easily for the holidays. There is a retirement home a few blocks away and many of their residents were customers of mine over the years. So they like to see my mailbox decorated up. Today was a BEAUTIFUL day. 70 and sunny on March 1st. Super nice after yesterday's severe weather outbreak here. We are supposed to get that again tomorrow :(. But in the meantime I needed to decorate it for Easter.     

The top part features an Easter Basket overflowing with spring flowers. The "grass" skirt is actually deco mesh that I have used a slicing technique on to create the layered effect of grass.

At the base of the pole I added another basket of flowers and a Easter bunny peeking from it.

Lots of swirls and puffs of several different colors of deco mesh wrap around the pole. 

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